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David Beaty Won't Announce Starter until Gametime

Here's my number; So call me maybe

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- Kansas Football -

David Beaty doesn't plan to announce starting QB before opener |

As of Monday morning on the Big 12 coaches media conference call, Beaty indicated he won’t publicly name KU’s No. 1 QB prior to Saturday’s 6 p.m. kickoff against URI at Memorial Stadium.

KU's Tyler Patrick evolves as receiver and leader |

Once Patrick was comfortable on the field, his natural talent did the rest. Last year, he went from the scout team at the beginning of fall camp to starter in one month.

KU football unveils 'insane' new locker room | Smithology |

Since Beaty took over the program, he said the players have done everything the coaches have asked of them. Rewarding them with a revamped facility, he added, helps keep the Jayhawks’ focus on the team’s “stakeholders,” as the players try to give the fans a team that will make them proud.

(Mr. Ed says: ICYMI yesterday - this is a different link from yesterday; this article has photos and videos as well.)

Why KU freshman Josh Jackson wears No. 11 and how he got it | Tale of the Tait |

“My favorite player is Jamal Crawford and Jamal Crawford wears 11,” Jackson recently told the Journal-World.

- KU in the News -

Select programs feel the squeeze from budget cuts at University of Kansas |

Several groups at the University of Kansas knew budget cuts were coming, and this week the hard numbers are clear. Audio-reader at the University of Kansas is just one program being hit with budget cuts.

- College Sports -

Decision on Baylor WR Ish Zamora still pending

According to Grobe, Zamora faces discipline from both the university and the athletic department. However, neither entity has taken any action on this matter. However, Grobe said Monday after receiving several questions about Zamora’s staus on the depth chart that he probably wouldn’t play Zamora unless he heard from the university on the impending discipline.

USF's Big 12 pitch touted its academics by misspelling 'research' right up top -

The Big 12 should admit whichever team uses the best spelling, grammar and syntax in its letters.

Forde-Yard Dash: Where everyone's optimistic ... for now

The Dash has great news for you. All of you. Your favorite team had its best offseason ever – we know because your coaches and players said so. There was greater unity and commitment to winter workouts. There was superior focus and performance in spring ball.

- Professional Sports -

Trevor Siemian is the unlikeliest of NFL starting quarterbacks

Siemian wasn’t even Tom Brady-level under the radar. Brady at least threw (significantly) more touchdowns than picks as a senior. To the average fan, Siemian’s college career was absent of any evidence to suggest he was NFL material.

- Everything Else -

Man in gorilla suit drags child around Cincinnati football field to honor Harambe -

A high school football game in Cincinnati had a bizarre sideline show when a kid dressed in a gorilla costume ran onto the field dragging a child. People at the game also claim in a second Harambe-related tribute a second gorilla ran onto the field chasing a person in a banana costume who was holding a sign which read “RIP Harambe,” according to The Independent. We live in a weird world.

‘Madden’ kickoff glitch makes scoring touchdowns easier than ever -

What the ...