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More on the newest Kansas football WR commit

The only question I ever thought was hard, Was do I like Kirk or do I like Picard?

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- Kansas Sports -

Derby’s Kenyon Tabor chooses KU over K-State | Varsity Kansas

Tabor took visits to both schools and struggled this summer trying to determine which would ultimately be a better fit. It wasn’t until this past week when Tabor began to feel like KU was separating itself. He liked the campus, found head coach David Beaty to be genuine, and was impressed by the facilities.

Lineman Armstrong wins one for Kansas |

Strength and conditioning coach Je’Ney Jackson and his staff selected Armstrong as the seventh and final Workout Warrior of the Week for the summer of 2016. Armstrong and teammates report for fall camp Thursday. (Mr. Ed says: Fair warning, this is a Keegan article, but this one has some interesting tidbits in it, especially about Armstrong's recruiting.)

Notebook: RB Denzell Evans will be eligible for Jayhawks in 2016 |

NCAA recruiting bylaw changes went into effect on Monday; KU #63 on AP's all-time rankings list; RB Denzell Evans completed his undergrad at Arkansas and will be eligible for KU this fall; Fall camp starts on Thursday

Strong defense a passion of new KU commitment Marcus Garrett |

"That’s always separated him. It’s very rare in this day and age, when kids are getting so much exposure off of how many points they score. You very seldom see young men want to take that challenge of guarding and risk getting embarrassed by these talented offensive players."

- Everything Else -

Big 12's status among the Power Five clearly in jeopardy - Pat Forde

Topping it off, the disparity between the revenue, profile and influence of Texas and Oklahoma and the rest of the conference creates a greater power imbalance than in any other league. Nobody else has as many members who are simply along for the Power 5 ride and not making vital contributions to the overall betterment of the conference.

Baylor assistant coaches off limits to media during season

All of his assistants remain at Baylor despite the report that concluded multiple football ''coaches'' acted inappropriately in handling sexual assault allegations against some players.

NCAA releases report, cites Missouri with failure to monitor its basketball program - Columbia Daily Tribune | Columbia Missouri: MU Basketball

Missouri finally has resolution to the NCAA investigation that has hovered over its basketball program for more than two years.

North Carolina takes issue with NCAA's authority in NOA response

North Carolina admitted wrongdoing in its response to the latest NCAA notice of allegations against it but the school also contends the NCAA is overstepping its bounds in the allegations.

Kemper Arena soon will have a new name | Tale of the Tait |

According to a Tuesday news release, Kemper Arena will be renamed Mosaic Arena under an agreement announced by Foutch Brothers, the development company that plans to turn the arena in the West Bottoms into a regional amateur sports venue. The deal, with Mosaic Life Care, makes Mosaic the naming rights sponsor for the arena.

Umpire ejects loudmouthed fan, then gives awkward explanation

What we saw transpire in Philadelphia on Tuesday night, though, wasn’t your normal heckler incident. It involved a loudmouthed fan, an angry umpire stopping the game to eject him and then an awkwardly hilarious recap from said umpire after the game.