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Kansas releases football depth chart without naming starter at QB or RB

With only 5 days until the opener, the Kansas Jayhawks release the depth chart for the game against Rhode Island. But did they actually answer any questions that matter?

Memphis v Kansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Normally, the release of the depth chart for a football team is a moment anticipated by the fan base. Usually it gives an insight as to who can be expected to lead the team into their first game of the season. Players and fans alike get hyped when the final pieces of preparation fall into place. In short, usually the depth chart finally gives us some clarity.

Unfortunately, none of that is really the case for the Kansas Jayhawks.

David Beaty released the first official depth chart for the Jayhawks for this football season, but not a lot of questions were answered, especially at key offensive positions. I dare you to take a look at it and tell me that this is pretty much what you expected. Go ahead, I’ll wait:

So first, it goes without saying that Beaty’s manufactured QB controversy is still alive and well, given that despite releasing a depth chart, he still hasn’t given any indication which of his three QBs we can expect to see on Saturday (although I highly doubt that the inclusion of Carter Stanley is anything other than trying to make it seem like it’s a true open competition).

This really isn’t that surprising, but it is disappointing. Maybe I’m part of a vocal minority, but the fact Beaty hasn’t chosen between Ryan Willis and Montell Cozart means one of two things: either he really doesn’t know how to evaluate what he wants from the QB position, or he knows who he wants to name as the starter but is afraid of the backlash the choice will create. Either way, it isn’t a good look for the second year coach.

I’m mildly surprised that a starting RB hasn’t been named. While I haven’t seen anything that would indicate that Ke’aun Kinner has sealed up the position, I also haven’t really seen any strong arguments to give it someone else instead. And since backs are easy to rotate, the official starter isn’t as big of a deal as the QB.

Some other surprises (h/t Mike on some of these):

  • Freshman Hakeem Adeniji was expected to earn the RT position, but the sophomore Clyde McCauley III seemed to come out of nowhere to earn that starting position for Saturday. Given that Adeniji has been impressing as recently as last Thursday, I’m not sure that the depth chart stays this way.
  • Junior Jayson Rhodes is another notable absence. However, with 14 guys looking for 8 spots in the line rotation, I wouldn’t be surprised to see these guys shuffle in and out all season long, especially as we get into Big 12 play.
  • Most of the starters on defense are exactly what you would expect, but there are some glaring omissions, especially given the news that had been coming out of camp. The freshman trio of Mike Lee, Kyle Mayberry and Ian Peterson had all been getting good reviews and appeared to be making enough of an impact to at least get onto the 2-deep.

So with the depth chart released, are you feeling any different about this team than you were earlier today? Are the questions still left open worrisome at all just 5 days before the opener?