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Greatest Kansas Football Players of All-Time: Second Round

A look at the full bracket and where we stand.

Kansas V Missouri

We’ve played over half the matches of this bracket, and the second round is fully set.

Greatest KU FB Players Bracket Rd 2

If that’s difficult to view, click here for the Imgur link.

There weren’t a ton of upsets, but there were a few. The biggest was probably (11) Bill Whittemore over (6) Frank Seurer. Contrary to the NCAA Tournament, there were no 5/12 upsets. The others were:

(9) Marcus Henry over (8) Bob Johnson

(10) Isaac Byrd over (7) Mark Simmons

(9) Oliver Spencer over (8) Gil Reich

In the only tie in the first round, (6) Richard Estell advances over (11) Derek Fine, cuz if you’re gonna get the upset, you gotta get it outright. (See, your votes really do matter!)

I’ll be interested to see who comes out of the D/OL/ST bracket; there’s at least four guys in there who have a chance to win it all.

Willie Pless seems to be a fan favorite, but who are you pulling for? Todd Reesing is probably the most popular player in Kansas history, will anybody knock him off?