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KU Basketball lands 2017 PG commit

Think you're really righteous? Think you're pure in heart? Well I know I'm a million times as humble as thou art.

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- Kansas Sports -

KU lands commitment from 4-star Dallas PG Marcus Garrett |

"Coach Self told us that he is going to use him in the three guard rotations," Watts told Bossi. "He always has three guards on the floor and he fits. The best thing about about Marcus is the way he defends and he can guard the one the two and three. He will have an opportunity to come in and compete for a starting job as a freshman."

Jayhawks eager to operate in David Beaty's Air Raid offense |

"Utilizing tempo makes the defense line up to where we know exactly where to go with the ball," Cozart said, explaining the faster Kansas moves the more difficult it becomes for defenses to disguise their coverages.

- Big 12 Expansion -

Big 12 TV partners push back on expansion - SportsBusiness Daily | SportsBusiness Journal | SportsBusiness Daily Global

ESPN and Fox Sports believe that expansion with schools from outside the power five conferences will water down the Big 12 and make it less valuable, not more, sources said. Both networks, according to sources, are digging their heels in against paying those kinds of increases based on expansion with schools outside the power five.

Big 12 expansion battle lines drawn with TV rights holders 'pushing back' - - Dennis Dodd

In a sense, the networks can't be blamed. In a show of good faith, ESPN and Fox agreed to pay the Big 12 the same money when it was reduced to 10 teams by conference realignment in 2010.

Tracking every team that’s ever wanted to join the Big 12 -

We’ll keep adding to this list as credible conference realignment reports, statements, and rumors emerge.

- Everything Else -

Report: Baylor's conduct code may have kept rape victims quiet -

The strict student conduct code at Baylor may have served as a deterrent to female students who would have otherwise reporting sexual assaults.

"A number of victims were told that if they made a report of rape, their parents would be informed of the details of where they were and what they were doing," said Chad Dunn, an attorney representing six women who have sued Baylor.

Baylor's Sexual Assault Problems go Way Beyond its Football Program - The Ringer

"She received an alcohol code violation and was told to do 25 hours community service, and when she tried to appeal, the woman said Baylor officials urged her to drop it. The school never pursued her rape claim."

Betting against popular college football teams seems like a good idea. Does it work? -

If a team has lots of fans, surely a lot of people bet on it, right? Seems Vegas is even too smart for this, though.

Danny Duffy was so scared he was going to lose his no-hit bid on a simple pop-up | For The Win

During the sixth inning, Nick Franklin hit a pop-up just in front of the plate. It maybe traveled 15 feet, but there was a brief miscommunication between catcher Salvador Perez and third baseman Cheslor Cuthbert.