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Greatest Kansas Football Players of All-Time Bracket: Frank Seurer vs Bill Whittemore

(6) Frank Seurer vs (11) Bill Whittemore

Whittemore scrambles for yards Photo by Dave Kaup/Getty Images

(6) Frank Seurer

Seurer quarterbacked the Jayhawks for all for four years he was on campus, from 1980-1983. Consequently, he is KU’s career leader in games played for a quarterback, with 44. He led the Jayhawks to a bowl game in 1981, and an upset over 10th-ranked USC at the Coliseum in 1983. While at KU, he broke most of David Jaynes’ records for passing, and today sits at #2 in passing yards and #3 in TD passes.

Seurer was drafted #76 overall by the Seattle Seahawks - in the Supplemental Draft of of USFL and CFL players in 1984. He would play two games as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs in 1987 following the NFL player’s strike.

(11) Bill Whittemore

Whittemore came to KU as a JUCO transfer from Ft. Scott (Kan) Community college. He played for the Jayhawks under Mark Mangino from 2002-03. While he only played in 19 games for the Jayhawks, he made quite an impression, particularly his senior year when he led KU to the Tangerine Bowl in Mangino’s second year. (He missed the final 3 games of 2002 with a knee injury.)

In 2003, Whittemore led a Jayhawk offense that scored 35 or more points for five games in a row - the first time in KU history that had ever happened at Kansas. Whittemore career ranks at KU: 7th in passing yards, 4th in passing TDs. He was also quite the scrambler, rushing for 1099 yards and 21 TDs.

At last check, he was coaching high school football somewhere in Tennessee. Similar to Mark Williams, it’s fun to wonder what he could have been with four years at KU instead of just two.


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