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Beaty pleased with practice effort as Jayhawks work through the heat

Well maple syrup and snow is what they export; They treat curling just like it's a real sport

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Football - 1st and 10: Replenished

As the weather got hotter, the tempo and enthusiasm only increased. Beaty ended the practice pleased with the way the Jayhawks worked through the heat, combined with the strain of the morning's workout.

Wise guy: KU defensive tackle maturing and improving |

Once the offseason began, Wise wanted more out of himself in 2016, so he concentrated on KU strength and conditioning coach Je’Ney Jackson’s directive to become larger and more mobile — "Staying relentless and staying hungry," Wise said. "That’s what it’s been about."

Alabama expats buoy Kansas Jayhawks football rebuild - 247Sports

Kansas isn’t yet reeling in blue-chip prospects, but Beaty is building from the bottom up while sprinkling in some top talent along the way. There’s no perfect formula to fixing an FBS team that went winless, but Beaty seems to be on the right track.

Former Jayhawk Brett Ballard uses basketball to promote peace in Israel |

With the ongoing conflict in Israel, Ballard said the goal of the organization was to take Jewish Israeli athletes and pair them with Muslim Arab athletes on the same teams.

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Briles says he will return, take lessons from Baylor episode

Asked what he had learned, Briles said in his next job that he is ''going to make sure I have policies in place that are going to protect everybody, students first and foremost, and then administrators, coaches.'' He didn't elaborate on what those would be.

BYU’s honor code violates survivors and makes rape likelier.

A handful of students came forward at a rape awareness conference earlier this month to describe their experiences with the school’s honor code policy. The Salt Lake Tribune then picked up and expanded upon the story, reporting that the practice of expelling rape victims for violations of the university’s honor code dates back decades.

BYU's Honor Code forbids 'homosexual behavior.' That's a Big 12 expansion issue. -

This is the center of what we refer to when we say BYU’s an inexact "cultural fit" for this conference, or really any conference. BYU’s stance on sexual orientation has long been an issue in athletics. In the Big 12 discussion, the Sunday-only thing will ultimately be nothing compared to this.

BYU AD responds to LGBT advocacy group’s letter to Big 12 – CollegeFootballTalk

Monday, a report surfaced that a coalition of national LGBT advocacy groups urged the Big 12 in a letter to not admit BYU into the Big 12 because of what was described as "active and [open]" discrimination against the LGBT community by the university.

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What I love About the Olympics

The Olympics are a two week period where I care about the sports that I don't care about.  Every four years it's two weeks of passion and 204 weeks of complete indifference towards these sports.  Let me tell you about my favorite ones.