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Previewing Kansas football with Mark Rogers TV

Some position previews with Mark Rogers

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Recently, Mark Rogers of the MarkRogersTV YouTube channel was kind enough to invite me on to go through some position previews. We hit the quarterback situation, running backs, wide receivers, and defensive line. You can find all four videos embedded below.

Just a few notes on these: one, any audio or lagging issues are my fault. I changed ISPs recently and the wifi connection in my house has been really spotty. You'll notice an echo or jumpy video feed here and there, and that's on me.

Also, as I was watching these, I noticed a glaring error in the running backs video. I totally forgot to mention Denzell Evans, the transfer from Arkansas who may or may not be eligible to play right away for Kansas. If he graduates this summer, he'll probably step right into the #2 spot on the depth chart and be a major contributor. So my apologies on that omission (and any others that I didn't catch).

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