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Kansas Football looks for 'go to' receiver

Jimmie Walker used to say "Dy-no-mite" - That's right

Garrett Ellwood/Getty Images

- Kansas Sports -

Kansas seeking go-to wideout |

“At A&M; we had Mike Evans. We had Ryan Swope the year before,” Beaty said. “When I was at KU (as an assistant for Mark Mangino), we had Dezmon Briscoe and Kerry Meier, both catch over 90 catches apiece.”

Free State pipeline for KU football |

The Jayhawks have four former Free State players in the program this season, including Dineen’s older brother, junior linebacker Joe Dineen Jr., who ranked second on the team last year with 86 tackles.

Self's stamp: How KU transitioned from Roy’s Boys |

The wins have continued to pile up, and KU has remained a perennial title contender, but five oh-so-subtle tweaks that followed Self’s arrival set a new course for Kansas and brought us to today, where Self and the Jayhawks sit on the verge of tying UCLA’s record of 13 consecutive conference titles heading into 2016-17, which officially opens with Late Night two months from today.

Perry Ellis talks NBA Summer League experience and his future | Smithology |

Undrafted out of KU, Ellis, doesn’t have an NBA contract. Nor has he officially received an invitation to be a part of an organization’s training camp.

This under-the-radar prospect's solid July draws attention of Duke, Kentucky -

On Thursday, Kansas offered Jermaine Samuels, Jr., a scholarship, per multiple reports. Recently Kentucky has checked in and Duke has shown continual interest and kept in communication over the past month.

- Everything Else -

Due to Leap Year, today is MLB's trading deadline.  What will your team do?  Should the Royals sell?  (Yes.)

Bob Devaney To Paul Bear Bryant: Joe Paterno "No Good For Football" - Corn Nation

Nebraska coach Bob Devaney really didn’t like what Joe Paterno had to say in a 1972 Washington Post article. He complained to Paul Bear Bryant at Alabama, and Bryant agreed with him.

Bret Bielema Offers New Reason Arkansas Will “Never” Play Arkansas State - Arkansas Fight

As everybody in Arkansas is well aware, even those that aren’t Razorback fans, the Hogs have had a longtime policy of never playing in-state teams in any sport, and Bielema simply reiterated that stance at the coaches’ golf tournament in Bella Vista on Friday.

Two sellers met to make a weird deal -

Sunday’s Say Hey, Baseball includes what will likely be the oddest trade of the summer, the Nationals finally getting their closer, and Cleveland’s scoreboard operator getting back at Minnesota’s.

Daredevil jumps from 25,000 feet out of plane without a parachute into giant net -

The skydiver jumped out of a plane at 25,000 feet without a parachute, wingsuit or any other way to slow his attempt and relied solely on a giant net to stop him plummeting into the ground to his death.