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Greatest Kansas Football Players Bracket: Kerry Meier vs Termaine Fulton

(2) Kerry Meier vs (15) Termaine Fulton

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

(2) Kerry Meier

Has a guy ever benefitted more from a position switch in the history of Kansas football? Probably not, so let’s review Kerry Meier’s successful KU career. Meier was transitioned away from the quarterback position in 2007 when a certain Todd Reesing stepped up. In 2007, Meier still managed to complete 25 of 29 passes for 275 yards and two touchdowns that year. Receiving the ball, he grabbed 26 catches and two TDs.

The 2008 season was more productive. Meier caught 97 passes for 1045 yards and eight touchdowns. He continued to fly up the Kansas all-time receiving charts in 2009 when he caught 102 passes for 985 yards and eight touchdowns. He ranks second all-time in touchdown catches and yardage behind #1 seed Dezmon Briscoe. Somehow, Meier was never a first team All-Big 12 selection. Perhaps it was because Meier never ranked higher than 5th in the league in any category save receptions (2nd in 2008, 3rd in 2009), but his reputation among the KU faithful is safe to say the least (Gratuitous link to the 2008 Border War reception right here).

Perhaps the best thing you can say about Kerry is summed up by this quote from a close friend of mine and MU fan: "I hate that guy. Everyone knew they were going to throw it to him, and Reesing just dances around back there, Meier breaks off of his route, and they connect. I hate him."

(15) Termaine Fulton

Termaine Fulton lined up opposite of Harrison Hill for the entirety of his career and those two players have strikingly similar stat lines. Over his career under Terry Allen, Termaine Fulton caught 88 passes for 1565 yards and 12 touchdowns. His freshman campaign of 1997 was defined by big plays. Four of his 10 catches were for touchdowns and he averaged 30.1 yards per catch. Statistically, his 1998 season was the most productive. He caught 25 passes for 503 yards and three TDs. His 20.1 yards per catch ranked second in the Big 12 that season.


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