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Diallo eager for playing time in NBA Summer League

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

- Kansas Sports -

Cheick Diallo eager to embrace larger role at NBA Summer League | 'Hawks in the NBA |

As New Orleans gears up for its trip to the Las Vegas Summer League, it’s hard to imagine any Pelican being as excited for the opportunity as Diallo, a second-round draft pick who only played 7.5 minutes a game for Kansas during his one-and-done season in Lawrence.

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U.S. Urges Kansas State to Heed Reports of Off-Campus Rape - The New York Times

Kansas State University’s policy not to investigate accusations of rape in off-campus fraternity houses is “incorrect,” according to federal government statements filed in court in support of two female students at the university.

Group of Penn State lettermen call for return of Joe Paterno statue - Yahoo Sports

In a letter sent to PSU president Eric Barron and the school’s board of trustees Tuesday, more than 200 Nittany Lion lettermen urged that the statue of Paterno, PSU’s longtime head coach, be returned to its former location outside Beaver Stadium. In the letter, the former players also called for a “formal apology” to Sue Paterno, the wife of the late coach who died in January 2012 at age 85 of lung cancer.

(Mr. Ed says: My gawd. Go ahead, Baylor. Bring back Briles. Hell, put a statue of him up next to RG3 while you're at it.)

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There's more to this Klinsmann-to-England rumor than originally thought - Yahoo Sports

On Tuesday, England’s Daily Telegraph reported that Klinsmann is on the shortlist for the job. And let’s establish here that the Telegraph, a respected broadsheet, has a much stronger record of getting this sort of thing right than a lot of other English newspapers. Unlike the tabloids, it doesn’t report things unless they are credibly sourced.

It's not just Kevin Durant. NBA stars have long tried to join superteams -

If they'd had the ability to switch as freely as players do today, they would have. We know this is true because many of the greatest players of all time did fight as hard as they could given the system's constraints to get into more likely championship scenarios.

It’s up to NBA players to prevent superteams like the Warriors -

The only reason Kevin Durant can even join the Warriors is because individual player salaries are capped. That benefits the union's rank and file. Will that change?