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Bill Self's NBA options likely down to 1 after Durant left OKC

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

- Kansas Sports -

Matt Tait: Pro possibilities smaller for Self |

As the years have gone on, we’ve learned that Self has fielded a handful of vague inquiries from a few other pro teams. Cleveland, the Los Angeles Lakers and, most recently, Houston, all have kicked the tires on the idea of gauging Self’s interest in making the jump. But nothing even remotely real ever came of those situations and Self has gone on record as saying he believes his job at Kansas is better than the majority of the NBA jobs.

- College Sports -

Where do college basketball's top recruits come from? - Team Speed Kills

New York and Massachusetts produce virtually no elite football recruits, but both produce a fair number of elite basketball recruits. While cold weather is a pretty big deterrent to practicing an outdoor sport in December in Massachusetts, it's not so much of a deterrent to practicing basketball in the winter months.

Wichita State releases study on feasibility of adding football | The Wichita Eagle

By the fifth year, the report projects revenue of $2.5 million.

Kansas officials’ travel mixes family, politics, KU basketball /

Kansas taxpayers have been picking up the tab for state officials and legislators to fly in the state-owned executive aircraft to attend out-of-state sports events and take trips with family and friends, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.

- Professional Sports -

Kevin Durant's departure leaves the Thunder with 3 options -

But they all depend on whether Russell Westbrook wants to stick around.

MLB's Fort Bragg game showed the sports world how military tributes should be done -

The tribute paid to the military at big venues and around holidays doesn’t always trickle back to places like Fort Bragg. Life at a military base can feel isolated, where people prepare every day for contingencies that hopefully will never happen.  (Mr. Ed says: I highly recommend this piece.)

Notorious ball hawk apologizes for attending Fort Bragg game - Yahoo Sports

After receiving serious backlash on social media, Hample issued a lengthy apology through Twitter and explained how he got his ticket.