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Greatest Kansas Football Players: Hal Cleavinger vs Fred Hageman

(14) Hal Cleavinger vs (19) Fred Hageman

Craig Jones/Getty Images

(14) Hal Cleavinger

Hal was a Jayhawk from 1950-52, playing alongside other KU greats like Mike McCormack, George Mrkonic, Gil Reich, and Ollie Spencer.  Hal was a defensive back who still sits at third on the career INT list at Kansas.

Interestingly, Cleavinger came to Lawrence from Manhattan.  His father was a even K-State faculty member at the time.  Unfortunately, there's not much more I can find about Hal - information about players pre-1960 can be difficult to come by.

(19) Fred Hageman

Louisiana-born Hageman came to Kansas after high school in Arkansas, playing for the Jayhawks from 1956-60.  Fred played both C and MLB.  He became a two time first team All-Conference player at Center his junior and senior years, and was a leader on arguably the best team in KU football history.

He was drafted 96th overall in the NFL Draft.  He spent five seasons as a linebacker in the NFL, the first four with the Redskins.  Prior to his final season, he was traded to the Bears but got injured in a preseason game.  At this point Hageman retired from football and pursued an ultimately successful business career after earning his master's degree at KU in Education.

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