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Trae Young cuts list, KU makes cut

You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

- Kansas Sports -

Kansas still on Oklahoma prep Young’s list |

Others on the list: Kentucky, Washington, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech.

Dream Opportunity Begins for KU Leads' Munoz in Rio

"I'm a floater," said Munoz, a KU graduate who earned an advanced degree while completing a graduate assistantship in the athletics department in May. "I could be hosting an event or party. Sometimes they will have parties for, say, Michael Phelps after he wins a gold medal. I help out with logistics and coordinate all that stuff. I'm pretty excited for that."

- KU in the News -

University of Kansas Hospital expands in Overland Park

The new building will be connected to the existing Indian Creek surgical building, which has seven operating rooms and 19 patient beds.

University of Kansas Professor says Clinton Laid Groundwork for Nomination Early - WIBW News Now!

Hillary Clinton’s win of the Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination is historic, but a University of Kansas professor says it isn’t a surprise.

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Memphis booster Justin Timberlake wants the Tigers in the Big 12 -

Memphis would like to be a part of the Big 12, no matter how little sense it might make for the league to take a team that has won 10 games once in its Division I history.

UCF Knights would be ideal fit for Big 12, according to athletic director Danny White

"We check every single box," White told in a phone interview Wednesday. "It's inevitable that UCF will be a top 25, even top 10 athletic department. Of the Group of 5 athletic departments, our place has been at the pole position for some time. When you consider the future, it's not even close.

"We can build a monster here."

(Mr. Ed says: Didn't UCF go 0-12 last year?)

Scott D. Pierce: TV drives Big 12 expansion -- in unexpected way | The Salt Lake Tribune

The Big 12 is still kicking around the idea of a digital channel, but has given up on hopes of a linear channel on cable. Which means that it will be the only Power Five conference without a linear channel.

Lawsuit: Baylor players gang raped student, school knew |

The allegations against Baylor University and its football program continue to get uglier by the day. Most recently, a woman who has filed a lawsuit against the school is claiming several players gang raped a fellow student in 2011.

- Professional Sports -

Why only Paul Pierce, returning for a 19th NBA season, can stop himself

After yet another summer contemplating whether his 38-year-old body can withstand the rigors of NBA life, Pierce plans to return for another season, according to L.A. Times beat reporter Brad Turner.

Chiefs Announce Parking Details for 2016 Season

Parking prices at the tollgates on gameday in 2016 will be $40 cash to incentivize purchasing in advance. The $40 cash parking fee is subject to change based on the game while the advanced purchase price of $30 is fixed, but limited.