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Cozart unfazed by Criticism

They hate us 'cause they ain't us

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Kansas News

Beyond a doubt: Kansas QB Cozart unfazed by criticism |
"It really sucks to see," junior linebacker Joe Dineen said. "But he just brushes it off. I’ve never seen it get to him. Not even once."

KU golfer advances at U.S. Girls Junior |
Kansas University women’s golfer Annika Cedo defeated Connor Beth Ball, 1 up, in the first round of match play Wednesday at the U.S. Girls Junior Championship at Ridgewood Country Club.

KU women's basketball schedule homey |
"We’re looking forward to starting our second year at Kansas and getting back in the gym with our student-athletes," coach Brandon Schneider said Wednesday, when the nonconference slate was released. "Now that the schedule has been announced, it means that our season is right around the corner, and we have another challenging nonconference slate that will prepare us for what will be another great Big 12 Conference season."

Report: Diallo agrees to three-year deal |
Terms of the agreement have not been reported. However, indicates "other players who were drafted just before or just after Diallo last month have received at least two fully guaranteed years, along with a starting salary worth more than the minimum."

Tyshawn Taylor’s desperate journey to get what he lost: the NBA | New York Post
Back in the NBA that is, which Taylor realizes isn’t his next step after finishing the 2016 season with Guaros de Lara in Venezuela, his fourth country since leaving the NBA in 2014. His journey throughout the world has no permanent base, instead being consumed by uncertainty, self-doubt and longing for prior stardom. He commandeered St. Anthony to a 32-0 record his senior year and guided Kansas to the 2012 national championship game.

Other Sports

Top 20 NBA free agents of 2017: Curry, Westbrook lead stellar class -
The 2016 free agency whirlwind has died down to a gentle breeze, and the NBA landscape has changed forever. Kevin Durant is a Warrior. Dwyane Wade is in Chicago. Al Horford is a Celtic. More than ever, this offseason has shown just how much change the NBA can endure on an annual basis.

Russia track and field athletes appeal to compete in Rio Olympics rejected by CAS as IOC mulls national ban - CBS News
The Court of Arbitration for Sport rejected the appeal by 68 Russian track and field athletes seeking to overturn the ban imposed by the IAAF following allegations of state-sponsored doping and cover-ups.

Odell Beckham: Josh Norman is 'relevant because of me' -
The rivalry between Josh Norman and Odell Beckham exploded onto the scene in an ugly fashion during the 2015 season, when Beckham was nearly -- and should have been -- ejected for throwing fists and going helmet-to-helmet at Norman. Beckham was suspended a game for the incident.

With Durant's arrival, Klay Thompson says he'll sacrifice like Manu Ginobili -
When players say individual statistics don't matter, they're usually lying. Yes, some accomplished veterans and dedicated role players are secure enough to ignore their numbers, but everybody around the league knows you're judged on your stats and often paid because of them. Just like fans do, most players look at their production and that of their peers.

Ricky Williams once considered an amazing name change to play for Raiders -
So by now you've probably read something related to Ricky Williams and the excellent piece by Sports Illustrated on the former running back (with an accompanying film). We mentioned Williams claims he was drug tested more than 500 times during his time with the NFL, but perhaps the best piece of information to emerge from Greg Bishop's profile is Williams' brilliant plan to escape being stereotyped as a stoner.

Other News

Running Guy Takes Post To The Dick And Balls
Humans have evolved over million of years into rather sophisticated creatures. We can eat and digest all manner of foods, we have developed the ability to fly to other planets in metal tubes, and we have some of the best eyes for tracking moving objects in the animal kingdom. Sadly, that didn’t help our poor friend here, on account of this post was stationary.

The Government's Latest Fireworks Safety Video Is Horrifying as Hell
Every year around the Fourth of July the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission puts on a graphic demonstration of why you should be really careful when setting off fireworks. The video of the demo arrived a little late this year, but if you’re a fan of horror movies, it was still totally worth the wait.

The 7 Scariest Movie Scenes of All Time
What movie scene scared you the most when you first watched it? Was it something embarrassing? Or is it something you’re still scared of, and if you see anything resembling it in real life, you completely freak out?