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Greatest Kansas Jayhawks Football Players - RB: Gale Sayers vs Bud Laughlin

(1) Gale Sayers vs (16) Bud Laughlin

NFL: Hall of Fame-TimkenSteel Grand Parade on Cleveland Avenue Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

(1) Gale Sayers

Perhaps the most well-known Jayhawk in the NFL, Gale Sayers played three seasons (1962-64) for the Jayhawks. He was All-Conference in each of his seasons, and All-American in his final two seasons. Before being picked 4th overall in the 1965 NFL Draft, he carried the ball 412 times for 2675 yards and 18 rushing TDs, with another 35 receptions for 398 yards and 1 receiving TD. He also returned kicks, getting a huge touchdown in an upset of the Oklahoma Sooners during the 1964 season.

His NFL exploits are great, and many of his accomplishments are outlined in a great piece from last year. Be sure to check it out if you need to be further convinced of his greatness.

(16) Bud Laughlin

Bud drew the short straw and had to start the bracket against Sayers, but he was a bright prospect for the Jayhawks back during the Korean War. Unfortunately, against the urging of his coaches, he took his chances with the draft, refusing to enter the ROTC in an attempt to avoid the mandatory 2 years of service after college. Unfortunately, he was drafted, causing a huge protest among the Kansas alumni.

When looking at Laughlin’s stats, it’s hard to find anything remotely impressive, until you consider that he lost all multiple years to his military service. Ultimately, he only played the 1954 season for the Jayhawks, rushing 94 times for 339 yards.

Who’s the greater Jayhawk? Log your vote in the comments. Check out the other matchups here.