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Goddard's Tucker Vang to join KU Basketball as Walk-on

Little precious has a natural obsession for temptation but he just can't see

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Kansas News

Goddard's Tucker Vang to join KU basketball team as walk-on |
Tucker Vang, who practiced daily against the Kansas University women’s basketball players last season as a member of what’s known as the "Dream Team" now will live a dream as an official member of the men’s squad.

Oubre scores 16 in summer league |
Kelly Oubre Jr. scored 16 points off 5-of-13 shooting (two of eight threes) with six rebounds in New Orleans’ 87-85 NBA summer-league win over Brooklyn on Tuesday in Las Vegas. For the summer, Oubre has hit five of 23 threes

College Sports

Former Penn State AD Timothy Curley Pleaded The Fifth To Nearly Every Question He Was Asked
The last question that former Penn State Athletic Director Timothy Curley gave a real answer to in a June 2015 deposition regarding his alleged protection of Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky was, "Are you currently employed?" He responded, "No," and then refused to answer whether or not he was the AD.

Court Docs: Sandusky Victim Told To Write Apology Letter After Alleged Assault

While Sandusky and the other man left, Doe was informed by Gordon he would have to pen an apology letter to the pair for "telling lies," and that his time at the Nittany House was likely coming to an end. As a homeless youth, Doe knew the unnamed alternative option.

Professional Sports

Turns out Royals and Cubs fans were right as the All-Star Game was all about them -
To all you haters and critics who cried foul when Chicago Cubs and Kansas City Royals fans stuffed the ballot boxes and filled this year's All-Star Game with two shades of blue:

British Open 2016: One of these nine golfers will win at Royal Troon -
I did not have Danny Willett in my nine for the Masters. I did not have Dustin Johnson in my nine for the U.S. Open. So I'm not totally sure why you're still listening to me here. Or maybe I'm just due.

Rip Hamilton eyeing NBA opportunities, training for comeback -
With the deluge of money flooding free agency this summer, several notable former NBA players have expressed interest in making a comeback. Like Ray Allen, who has been rumored to be making a comeback for quite some time now. But it's not merely Allen.

NBA implements rule changes to the 'Hack-a' intentional fouling strategy -

With intentional fouling seen as a scourge on the league, the NBA took steps on Tuesday to tweak the strategy. Overall though, the "Hack-a" strategy is not going away just yet. It will just now be slightly harder for teams to implement certain aspects of the strategy.

Other News

Canadian tenor works 'All Lives Matter' into 'O Canada' at MLB All-Star Game -
During their performance of the Canadian national anthem prior to Tuesday night's MLB All-Star Game in San Diego, a singer in a group of tenors from British Columbia, Canada altered the lyrics of the anthem to include a reference to "all lives matter."

NBC Won't Air The Olympics Opening Ceremony Live
By doing a short tape-delay of one hour, it allows us to put it in a time period when more people are home to watch, because it is a Friday night and they get out of their commute or home from wherever they are. And it allows us to curate it with the narrative and storytelling of our announcers to explain what’s going on. And it allows us to put in commercials without cutting out large chunks of the show.

ISideWith Finds Which Presidential Candidate You Most Agree With
You only have so much time in the day and every four years you need to spend some of it to pick a President. ISideWith helps you get a head start on the research by matching you up with a candidate based on your answers to key issues.