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Greatest Kansas Football Players Bracket: Dan Eichloff vs Bucky Scribner

Dan Eichloff vs Bucky Scribner

Earl Richardson/Getty Images

We've got two play-in rounds that I guess we better get to going.  The first one pits two kickers against each other.

(21) Dan Eichloff

Eichloff was a place kicker and a punter at KU from 1990-93.  Originally from Berlin, Germany, Eichloff grew up playing soccer, but was "persuaded" by his high school coach to try football.  That turned out to be a great move for Eichloff an eventually for the Jayhawks.

He would finish his college career at KU as the career FG leader, a spot he still maintains today.  On top of that, he averaged 41.7 yards per punt on 217 career punts.  He was named first team All-Big 8 his first three years, but struggled during his senior campaign, hitting only 13 of 22 attempts for a 59.1% conversion rate.  He would finish his career 62 of 87, good for 71.3%.  Eichloff would not go on to play professional football.

(21) Bucky Scribner

Lawrence native William Charles "Bucky" Scribner punted for the Jayhawks from 1979-83.  For his college career, Bucky averaged 44.6 yards per punt on 217 total punts.

He was drafted 299th overall by the Green Bay Packers, where he played two seasons.  He would then sit out the next two seasons before returning to the NFL and the Minnesota Vikings, obviously, blazing the trail for Brett Favre.  He would punt 330 times in his NFL career for a 41.0 average.


Who was the greater Jayhawk?  Register your vote in the comments below. Other matchups can be found here.