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Former Kansas Football star Aqib Talib wounded in bar fight

Former KU football star involved in yet another altercation involving firearms.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Per multiple reports, including ESPN and the Dallas Morning News, Aqib Talib was wounded early Sunday morning in a fight outside a strip club.  After a customer pulled a gun, two people, one of whom was Talib, were wounded and taken to the hospital.

SBNation's Mile High Report is all over the incident as well.

Talib was hit in the lower right leg but his wound did not require surgery.  He was patched up in the ER and has already been released.

Talib keeps an offseason home in the Dallas metroplex.

The Broncos do not seem to believe that this injury will affect his ability to participate in offseason workouts.  The team is scheduled to visit the White House tomorrow, however, Talib will not be joining them.  In addition, the Broncos have a mandatory minicamp Tuesday.

This is not Talib's first experience with such an altercation.  Last year in Dallas, Talib and his brother were questioned by police after an aggravated assault at a nightclub.  His car was towed and examined for evidence, but no charges were ever filed.

Two years ago, there was a report that Talib had been arrested by Dallas police, but it turned out to be his brother instead.

Back in 2011, an aggravated assault charge was dismissed for lack of evidence after Talib had been indicted in Dallas for pistol-whipping his sister's boyfriend and firing shots at him.

Talib.  Bro.  Find a new offseason home!