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Big 12 adding a football title game

League doesn't necessarily need to expand, may go into two 5-team divisions.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Friday afternoon, news came from the Big 12 summer meetings that the conference would be adding a title game for football beginning in the 2017 season.

The league seems to be headed toward two 5-team divisions, but there is no word on how the lineups might shake out.

It's also not clear if the two division winners would meet in the title game, or if the two highest ranked teams would face off.

Either way, it's clearly a money grab by the conference.

This probably won't affect Kansas at all over the next couple years, and despite all of the positive vibes coming from various media outlets (check onecheck two) that were covering these summer meetings, is this really a good thing for the conference as a whole?

When you're in the position Kansas football is, I have to think that this isn't the best move for your program.  Frankly, I'm surprised that schools like KU, K-State, and Iowa State supported this measure without expansion.

Um... you mean, analytics like these?

Suppose the Big 12 added a conference championship game with its current 10 team structure. The simulation finds the top two teams by conference record and has them play in a championship game.

Over the past three seasons, the Big 12's playoff chances drops an average of 17%. This differs from the Navigate Research results that show a 5% increase.

But at least revenues are up!  (Not counting third-tier and the future Big 12 Title Game.)