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The Greatest Running Backs in Kansas Football History: The Bracket Unveiled

Did Gale Sayers get the top overall seed? Yes. Yes, he did.

Elsa/Getty Images

Kansas has had fine players at every position on the gridiron throughout its history, but none more so than at running back.  Up until Mark Mangino brought the spread offense to Lawrence in the mid-2000s, it seemed like KU always had a stable of quality backs to rely on.

Before we reveal the bracket, first, some fun facts.

Two KU running backs have averaged over 6 yards per carry in their college career.  One of them is your top seed.  The other is Laverne Smith.

To give you an idea of the talent on this list, the career attempts, yards, and touchdowns leader somehow got the three-seed in this bracket.

Three of these guys are in the ring of honor.

And now, the bracket revealed:

RB Bracket RB Bracket

Sayers, Riggins, and McClinton are the three guys in the Ring of Honor.  June Henley is the school's career record holder for rushing attempts, yards, and touchdowns.

What an amazingly tough bracket.  You could say several guys got a tough draw - Sims, Cornish, Sharp.

What are your initial thoughts?

As each matchup comes up for a vote, we'll give you stats and hopefully some stories about each of these men in order to help you make the most informed choice.

You can define greatest Jayhawk however you want, but seeding was done primarily based on college production, with All-American and All-Conference honors given weight as well as NFL draft position.