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David talks Cheick Diallo with Jordy Hultberg in Lafayette

Cheick Diallo was drafted by the Pelicans, and I joined Jordy Hultberg on 103.7 in Lafayette to talk about the former Jayhawk

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Cheick Diallo was the lone Jayhawk taken in last night's NBA draft, and New Orleans fans wanted to know a bit more about their newest player. Because of Diallo's lack of playing time last year, there isn't quite the wealth of information on his game available that you typically see with college draftees. With that in mind, Jordy Hultberg in Lafayette was kind enough to invite us onto his program on 103.7 The Game to discuss all things Cheick.

From pronunciation, to athletic ability, to a possible comparison to another former New Orleans draftee Julian Wright, there was plenty to talk about. Just click the link below to listen to the segment as I shared my thoughts on Diallo's strengths, weaknesses, and what he'll need to do to find success in the NBA.

(Scroll down to the soundcloud portion of the page and click on the segment titled "David Potter")

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