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The Greatest Wide Receivers in Kansas Football History: The Bracket Unveiled

We continue the overall bracket unveiling with the WR/TE portion - can you guess the top seed?

Craig Jones/Getty Images

You actually don't have to think very hard to come up with our #1 overall WR seed.

He holds the school records for career yards, career TDs, single season yards, single season TDs, and probably several other categories.

In terms of receptions, he was Todd Reesing's second favorite target.

I really hope you've figured it out by now, but if not...

Here is the WR bracket:

WR Bracket WR Bracket

The top four were actually pretty obvious once you drill down into each of their qualifications.  Despite being fourth on the career yardage list, Mark Simmons (and his awesome navy blue uniform) looks like he got a tough draw.  What are your initial thoughts?

As each matchup comes up for a vote, we'll give you stats and hopefully some stories about each of these men in order to help you make the most informed choice.

You can define greatest Jayhawk however you want, but seeding was done primarily based on college production, with All-American and All-Conference honors given weight as well as NFL draft position.