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Kansas Basketball: Wayne Selden 2016 NBA Draft Profile

Selden had a minor knee procedure after the season that kept him from the NBA Combine. Will his draft stock suffer because of it?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Wayne Selden came to Kansas as a top-15 recruit, choosing KU out of a top six that included UCLA, Ohio State, Florida, Syracuse, and Missouruh.  Selden came to KU known as an elite, physical athlete, and by the time junior season wrapped up, he felt he was ready to declare for the NBA draft.


Per game, junior year:

Height 6' 6" 2P% 54.6
Weight 232 3P% 38.3
Wingspan 6' 10.5" FT% 61.7
GP 37 Asst 2.5
Min 30.0 Stl 0.7
Pts 13.6 Blk 0.3
Reb 3.4 TO 1.8
FG% 46.9 PF 2.0

Per-40 minutes, junior year (

Per 40: Selden
Pts 18.4
Reb 4.0
Asst 3.5
Stl 1.0
Blk 0.4
TO 2.5
PF 2.7

What They're Saying

(Selden is) a player who is a little bit of an enigma. The role player potential Selden has is still readily evident, with an improving three-point shot and a frame that should make him a plus contributor defensively. But the ability to harness that into an effective role player at the next level is still in question. Selden made steps in accomplishing that this year, with the improved three-point shooting playing a key role in his development as a prospect, but realizing his defensive potential, cutting better off the ball, and making better decisions with the basketball are still areas in need of improvement to fully unlock his potential as a role player.

Wayne Selden really showed a lot of improvement last season. In place he had an NBA body, NBA athleticism, and a pretty well rounded package, but made leaps to assert himself as a slasher and a long range shooter. His base, I feel, has value to an NBA team who can help him continue to hone is floor game. I feel is ceiling is that of a starter if he's in the right situation, but he could also struggle to stick in the NBA if he's in the wrong one. The physical jump to the next level will not be much of an issue for such a specimen, but taking the next step with his overall game while on an NBA roster will be crucial for Selden. He's proven himself a team player, a competitive player, and a guy with the ability to improve.

Draft Projections 49 - DET 56 - DEN NA

RCT's Pick

Selden, like Ellis, worked out for a variety of NBA teams prior to this week's draft.  Selden's workout list included Milwaukee, Chicago, San Antonio, Houston, LA Lakers, New York, New Orleans, and Charlotte.  These workouts were supremely important for Selden's opportunity to impress a team, since he missed the NBA Combine after having a a minor procedure on his knee.  Now, will anyone call him Thursday night?

Once again, I honestly don't know, but let's get crazy with this one.  Charlotte currently only has one pick in the draft, a first rounder.  I'd look for the Hornets to make a trade at some point and pick up Selden in the mid-to-late second round.