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The Greatest Quarterbacks in Kansas Football History: The Bracket Unveiled

It's time to begin seeding our tournament - did fan favorite Todd Reesing get the #1 seed?

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

It's time to get to work on putting out the seeds for our summer tournament; I know you all have been anxiously awaiting it, right?


Anyway, here we go, off with the QBs!  Your overall top seed holds virtually every school record, career and single game, for just about every passing metric there is - yards, TDs, completions, attempts, completion percentage, and many more - ladies and gentlemen, your favorite and mine, Todd Reesing!

Shocker, I know.

Here is a look at the complete bracket:

QB Bracket QB Bracket

That's a tough draw for David Jaynes, who happens to be KU's only Heisman finalist (1973).  Hadl, Cromwell, Douglass, and Jaynes are all on the Ring of Honor.  I could see a 6/11 upset just based on popularity (and awesome navy blue uniforms), but otherwise, I like the favorites in pretty much every matchup down the line.

What are your initial thoughts?  Anyone get jobbed?  Will Reesing run away in a landslide?

As each matchup comes up for a vote, we'll give you stats and hopefully some stories about each of these men in order to help you make the most informed choice.

You can define greatest Jayhawk however you want, but seeding was done primarily based on college production, with All-American and All-Conference honors given weight as well as draft position.