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David talks Kansas Football on The Grant Application podcast

Fall camp is only a couple weeks away, and it's time to talk a little football

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Grant Thome of Land Grand Gauntlet was kind enough to invite me on to his podcast this past week to preview the 2016 Kansas football team. It's the first in The Grant Application podcast's previews of each Big 12 team this summer. We went through each position group, talked a bit about coaching, and even went through some stadium renovation discussion.

Click the link below to hear my thoughts on the QB battle between Willis and Cozart, depth at running back, the unpredicatability of the receiving corps, and possible improvement in the offensive line. Defensively we discuss the youth (and progression) of the defensive line, a potential strength in the linebackers, and the question marks surrounding the secondary. We also talk special teams, possible threats in the return game, and the offseason's carousel of assistant coaching changes.

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