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KU Football Hopes for Improved Offensive Line

Once there was this kid who Got into an accident and couldn't come to school

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Kansas Sports

Offensive linemen Jayhawks’ foundation |
One of the quickest ways for the Kansas football team to make a meaningful and noticeable improvement in 2016 and beyond is to transform the offensive line into a force.

KU seniors place at NCAAs |
Kansas University senior discus throwers Daina Levy and Dasha Tsema put the finishing touches on a solid week for the Kansas track and field teams Saturday at the NCAA Outdoor Championships inside Oregon’s Hayward Field. Levy turned in a 16th-place finish to earn second team All-America honors, while Tsema claimed 19th overall.

Waiting game: Joel Embiid unlikely to make 76ers debut at Summer League | Smithology |
The July games, which are designed to give rookies, young pros and free agents a chance to put in some needed work and/or impress coaches and front offices, aren’t exactly the height of basketball entertainment. But catching an early glimpse of an incoming lottery pick or seeing how a young player buried on an NBA bench performs when he actually gets some minutes provides fans and those who follow The Association with some offseason intrigue.

Prospect Young to remain in Oklahoma |
"This gives me one more year to spend at home with my family before I leave for college. And also one more year with friends that I’ve known since I moved to Norman as a kid years ago," said Young, who averaged 33.6 points, 4.7 rebounds, 4.6 assists and 2.4 steals a game his junior year for Oklahoma state runner-up North.

Other Sports

NBA Draft: Buddy Hield, or anyone else, is not the next Steph Curry -
No, there will not be another Stephen Curry in the 2016 NBA Draft.

Kentucky transfer Marcus Lee commits to California, will be eligible in 2017-18 -
Kentucky transfer Marcus Lee has committed to California, sources told CBS Sports on Saturday.

Inside College Hoops: More teams need to schedule like UNC and Kansas do -
College basketball schedules are starting to be finalized and announced. And I was pleased to learn this week that two big brands -- Kansas and North Carolina -- are playing relatively challenging non-league schedules.

Other News

How My Foolproof Scientific System Got Us Onto The Price Is Right
This past summer, I resolved to engage in a highly scientific process to get myself onto contestants' row, because I was the kid who enjoyed doing lab reports in high school, even though I was totally cool and I kissed girls at dances, for real. To get the necessary raw data, I ritualistically sacrificed every other TV show from my DVR (even Castle!) so I could get a month of Price Is Right episodes Saved Until Manually Erased.

Learn to Spot a Liar With These Verbal Signs
At times, lies seem so harmless, but they can stress us out, and even cost us money. On a more subtle level, it changes our pattern of speech, and since most of us aren’t as good at lying as we think, if you know what to look for you can probably catch a lie in the act.

The Best and Worst Sunburn Remedies, According to a Dermatologist
Everyone has their own preferred sunburn treatment, but some work better than others. Here’s what a dermatologist suggests you reach for, and what you shouldn’t, when you catch too much sun.