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University of Kansas responds to lawsuit

Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.

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KU’s nonconference schedule again loaded |

“It will be a tough, tough nonconference slate, just like it always is. I’m sure it will be rated one of the best nonconference schedules in the country, hopefully preparing us for what could again be as good a league as there is in America — the Big 12,” KU coach Bill Self said.

KU response to rape alleged in lawsuit: Incident is ‘tragic’ but university not liable |

In its first legal response to a lawsuit by a former student who said a football player raped her in Jayhawker Towers, Kansas University said the incident was not the university’s fault and the suit should be dismissed.

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Big 12 set for one of most important meetings in conference history -

From expansion to a Big 12 Network to holding a conference championship game, the league has more than ever on its plate with spring meetings set to begin.

Bill O'Brien has excellent advice for Baylor, in light of his Penn State experience -

He spoke to the Houston Chronicle, and offered Baylor and Grobe -- whose hiring he praised, calling him "an excellent coach" and "a great person" -- some clear-eyed advice.

Some Baylor supporters struggling to cope with fallout from latest scandal - Yahoo Sports

After coming oh-so-close to national prominence, boosters are wondering how Baylor football will move forward.

Hugh Freeze says Ole Miss didn't mean to break rules, which makes 1 allegation interesting -

Ole Miss faces a broad range of NCAA allegations, many of which concern previous coaches or potentially independent boosters. But not all.

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A Journalist Takes on Broncos All-Pro CB Chris Harris | The MMQB with Peter King

A one-time star tight end (well, in middle school) and current 29-year-old journalist, I challenged the Broncos’ All-Pro cornerback to an afternoon of one-on-ones. To my surprise, he accepted. My journey to a turf field in Tulsa, from the elation of a nine-yard reception to the pain and embarrassment of… pretty much everything else that happened that day.

This Giant Alligator Is The Most Terrifying Golf Course Hazard - Yahoo Sports

Visitors don’t seem to think the animal poses any kind of threat to them. That could be because this is Florida where man-eating reptiles are no big deal or because this is a golf course probably filled with old people with terrible vision problems.