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College Football 2016 Over/Unders Released

Las Vegas releases 2016 college football win totals for all 128 FBS teams.

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The over/under win totals for college football are out, and as expected, the Jayhawks bring up the bottom of the Big 12.

Oklahoma 10
Baylor 9.5
Oklahoma State 8.5
Texas Tech 7
Texas 6.5
West Virginia 6.5
Kansas State 5.5
Iowa State 3.5
Kansas 1.5

Kansas has the lowest total of any FBS team, with North Texas the next lowest at 2.  Remember, this is Vegas trying to determine where half of the bets on each side, not actually trying to predict how many games each team will win.

That said, the ones that jump out to me from the Big 12 are Baylor, TCU, and K-State.  (I'm surprised Baylor is even on the board at this point.)

I'm also one of the few people who think Kansas will go over the 1.5.  I fully expect a win in the season opener over Rhode Island, and I think Ohio and Iowa State are close to 50/50 games in Lawrence.  Considering the Jayhawks weren't too far away from being 3-9 last year as opposed to 0-12, the ball can't continue to bounce the wrong way forever.

Can it?