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Thank You, Perry Ellis

Three weeks ago, Perry Ellis published an open letter thanking Kansas fans. It was a great trip down memory lane, but I can't help but think that we're the ones who should be thanking him.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Perry Ellis,

I hope this letter finds you well.  It will probably have a familiar tone, as you published something similar just three weeks ago.

Ever since the 2016 season came to a close, Kansas fans have become increasingly sentimental.  After all, we're just now beginning to reflect on an amazing career that has spanned over 60 years!  I kid, of course.

The past four seasons at Kansas have been amazing.  But we had a feeling from the beginning that you could be a special player at Kansas.

We'll never forget your first game, a 15 point, 8 rebound effort against SE Missouri State.

We'll never forget your 23 points and 6 rebounds against Iowa State in the Big 12 Tournament your freshman year.

We'll never forget 24 points against Duke your sophomore year.

We'll never forget 27 points against Maryland your senior year.

We'll never forget these two dunks against K-State.  Or these four dunks against TCU.

And you were right, Perry.  We knew how much it must have meant for a kid from Wichita to choose the University of Kansas.  You humbly played for something bigger than yourself.  You made us proud.  You represented yourself, your school, and your state with class.

Don't ever forget how loud it was, Perry.  You grew up as one of us, then you played for us; now you're one of us again.  You will always be one of us.

Thank YOU, Perry.  Just thank you.

Thank you for playing the game you love, for playing your heart out for your teammates, your school, and your state.

You may miss walking around campus and hearing "Rock Chalk!" but I guarantee you'll hear it plenty of times in the future, in all kinds of places.  An airport, a restaurant, heck, maybe even the pizza delivery guy.  We're out here, and we'll remind you.

We are going to miss you too, Perry.

We are going to miss Coach Self talk about your work ethic.

We are going to miss seeing #34 run through the tunnel.

We are going to miss seeing KANSAS stiched across your chest.

We are going to miss your stoic demeanor on the court regardless of what was happening around you.

We are even going to miss the jokes about how old you look.

(Nah, probably not.  I mean after all, I opened up this letter with one.)

So once again, thank YOU, Perry. You will forever be fondly remembered by Jayhawk faithful.

Looking ahead, we are excited for the possibilities you have.  You're currently participating in the NBA draft combine.  Should you make it to The League, we are excited to see what you can do.  But no matter where you end up, we know you'll be successful.

We know you have inspired and will continue to inspire kids, maybe even the next generation of KU basketball players.  And we know that you'll be watching in the future whenever you can, cheering them on alongside the rest of us.

And I can't imagine anything better than that.

Rock Chalk!

Jayhawk Nation