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Kansas Baseball vs Nebraska Baseball: The View from Section 127

The Jayhawks fell to Nebraska, but what was it like at the game? Inquisitive minds surely want to know.

Free parking?  Awesome!

Parked pretty much right next to the stadium, Lot J.

Found my seat, in the Diamond Club, fourth row - two rows behind the Buck O'Neil seat, right behind the plate.

Lots of scouts here tonight for some reason.

It's breezy.  Gonna get cool once the sun goes down.

The lines at the concession stand are already long.  I'll just wait a couple innings.

Tons of Nebraska fans here.  Not unexpected, but geez.

Game is starting.

They should have given the home plate umpire the night off.

I mean, these Nebraska fans behind me clearly believe they can do a better job from 50 yards away.

Lol KU strikes out the side in the first.  These Nebraska fans are pissed.

Calm down people.  It's a college baseball game.  Your team isn't even that good this year.

Bottom of the first: Now let's yell at the umpire for not calling it both ways.  Of course.


Good grief, that "Goooo Biiiiiig Reeeeeeed GO BIG RED" chant is going to get old quick tonight, isn't it.

WOW!  Nifty double play by the Jayhawk middle infielders.

Grounder up the middle, second baseman snags it, flips it out of his glove (no hands) and the shortstop completes the turn.  Awesome.

My god these Nebraska fans are really laying into the plate umpire.


I wonder how many of them have ever even put on an umpire's mask.

Good grief.  I'm going over behind the KU dugout.

Yes, that means leaving my cushy seat.  Maybe I'll get some nachos on the way over.

OK it's the fourth inning and the lines are ridiculous.  Why are there only three cashiers open in the whole stadium?

Guess I'll save my $20+ and spend way less at Taco Bell afterward.

David Glass doesn't need any more of my money anyway.

Things are much more calm behind the KU dugout.  But once you've been in a cushy seat, it's hard to give it up.  Now that I've got my pictures, time to head back.

I was right, that Go Big Red chant is killing me.

I mean, it's literally - LITERALLY - every two minutes someone bellows it out and the crowd responds.

The two older gentlemen behind me are actually semi-knowledgeable KU baseball fans.  I'm impressed.

It's getting late, time to get the bats going.

Bottom of the ninth, last chance time.

First batter walks.  Nebraska fans getting on the umpire again.


KU gets two on, now with two outs. Nebraska fans all over the umpire.

I would give every penny in my bank account to KU if this guy hits a walk-off here.  The look on these Nebraska fans would be priceless.

Hell I'll give them next month's pay, too.

Another walk.  Nebraska fans - and I mean more than one - going crazy.  Dudes, it's a meaningless midweek college baseball game.  Chill.


It even extends to the comments section on Corn Nation.

How much would a grand slam cost me?

Guess we'll never find out, he grounded to first.  Ballgame.

Oh well.  Still a cool experience I guess.  Nebraska fans really ruined it for me though.

I mean my god.

I'll go ahead and say it.  Worst fans in college.

Maybe it's just pent up frustration from not being relevant in football since 2001.

2003 if you want to be generous.

I'm just saying, that was a LOT of attitude from fans of a team that has a whopping three CWS appearances - none in the last 10 years.

I hope we never play them again.

But playing at the K again would be cool.