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RCT Investigates: Is Josh Jackson actually a 38 Year Old Man?

A closer look into the rumors surrounding the young phenom's eligibility.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas signee Josh Jackson has a lot of people talking, and for good reason. The #1 freshman in his class comes to Kansas full of expectations and NBA scouts drooling over his potential. Before we get too excited to see him on the court, let's ask ourselves what we actually know about him.

According to his bio, Jackson was born in San Diego in 1997 and moved to Detroit when he was 8 months old. That is a great story, if any of it were true. After extensive research, I have uncovered most of what we know about Jackson has been a lie.

Josh Jackson was born in 1978 in Vancouver, Canada.  He spent the majority of his childhood not playing basketball but hockey. How can Josh Jackson, born in 1997, be playing hockey in 1992?

Josh didn't stay with hockey for long. On the move again, he found himself going to high school in in a small Massachusetts town. Sources remember Josh as an unmotivated slacker and besides doing surprisingly well in a freshman English class, a less than stellar student. This wouldn't be of much interest until we take a look at what he did after high school.

The formerly unmotivated, poor student somehow found himself on the crew team at Yale. Becoming a member of the crew team at one of the most prestigious universities in the world isn't an easy task to accomplish. Just wait, it gets better.

While at Yale, Jackson was admitted to the ultra-secretive and extremely selective society, The Skulls. Former members include several heads of state as well as directors of the CIA and FBI. Still excited about the "19 year old freshman?"

Now after starting a family and a career with the FBI, Jackson is suddenly in the news as the projected #1 pick in next year's NBA draft. Did he suddenly hone his basketball skills or is the answer more obvious? Josh Jackson is clearly still working as an FBI agent but is now trying to recruit the best young and gifted athletes into some secret government organization. The McDonald's All American game was a false flag operation to keep the people from learning the truth.

Before we get too excited about this new player, let's ask some questions about what his real intentions are before it's too late.