April Fools: Perry Ellis granted extra year on a medical waiver

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Here at RCT, we decided not to try and prank you this year. However, we had several great ideas that we would have used, and they were entertaining enough that we still wanted to share them with you. Tune in later today as we reveal the rest of our ideas.

In a stunning move today, the NCAA granted Kansas Jayhawks senior forward Perry Ellis an extra year of eligibility, allowing him to return in the 2016-2017 season to compete for Bill Self. Reporters caught up with Coach Self this morning in Houston, site of the Final Four where he accepted the AP Coach of the Year award yesterday.

"Honestly, I was surprised as anyone else when I heard the news. He will be a great weapon for us next year, and I’m excited to see us get an important piece of our team back, especially after several of our guys indicated to me that they wouldn’t be coming back next year."

When asked, the NCAA refused to divulge what medical condition it was that lead them to this decision. However, anonymous sources indicate it was a little known condition called vetusvultusitis (aka "old-looking disease")

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