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The All-Big 12 team blindfold test!

Time to select your all-Big 12 team...without looking at the names

It's that time of year again. The time of year when every conference and media outlet comes up with their own all-conference teams and ____ of the year awards. We're doing the same here at RCT for the Big 12, but you as the reader get to do the voting. The only catch is that you have to do it without seeing who you're voting for! In previous years, I've done this to determine a blindfold player of the year, but given Buddy Hield's prolific scoring numbers, it would be too easy to identify him, and I doubt many would vote against him. That's right, Buddy Hield broke the blindfold test.

So this year, instead of voting for a single player of the year in a poll at the end of the article, you'll find a link to a survey at the end where you'll choose up to five players for the All-Big 12 team based on the statistical profiles below. The survey will open in a new window, so you'll have the stats up as you place your vote. The first time I did this, I used only rate statistics to eliminate the inherent biases in "per game" numbers, but I quickly found out that not everyone likes those metrics and would prefer the old fashioned stats. The first table you'll see has per game stats, along with basic shooting numbers. The second table has rate stats and eFG% instead of traditional shooting percentages. The player letters are the same for both tables, and both tables reflect in-conference numbers only.

If you're not big on tempo-free numbers, feel free to ignore the second table. If you think per game numbers are garbage, you can look only at the second. Some may elect to comb through both. It's entirely up to you as the voter. Each column has been "heat mapped" to give you an idea of where each player's performance in that category falls compared to the other players on the table. A red number doesn't necessarily mean that they were terrible in that category, just one of the worst out of the 12 players selected.

I'll stop explaining now and let you get to the voting. As always, feel free to campaign for players or debate the merits of others in the comments section. I'll keep the voting open through Wednesday and post our All-Big 12 team Thursday morning before Big 12 tournament action gets going in full swing. Just click on the link below the tables and choose up to five players for your all-Big 12 team.

Standard stats:

Rate stats:

Look over the numbers and then vote using the link below:

All-Big 12 team blindfold test

Questions? Comments? Feel free to email me at, or find me on Twitter @bl_analytics