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Kansas Basketball Uniforms: 2015-16 Review

KU has worn several uniforms this year, so let’s grade them.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

As pointed out on several sites a few weeks ago, Kansas basketball has worn quite a few different uniforms this season, so as the regular season is over and the postseason is beginning, let’s grade these babies.

First off, the World University Games uniforms will not be graded. For the record, I really liked the original idea with "Kansas" on the front and would’ve liked a similar design with "USA" on the front, but the mandated "USA" patch that was apparently necessary to continue the games looked weird and hurried (which it obviously was).

As for the rest of the KU wardrobe, luckily, Kansas doesn’t really have a bad look in its arsenal. All of these uniform sets receive a B or better which is practically unheard of, especially if you take a look around the conference tournaments and the "special" tournament uniforms that many teams are made to wear on behalf of their manufacturer.

Kansas is no different, but we will not be ranking the tournament uniforms in this piece. For one, KU has a history of abandoning these come tournament time, but barring a strange seeding decision by the committee, we will not see the blue uniforms at all. And that’s a good thing. The weird color fade in the "cummerbund" area looks far better in white than in blue, and they are less of an eyesore than others in the Adidas family and certainly more subdued than tournament uniforms of the past. But since we haven’t seen them on the court yet, and we will have better things to dissect in a few days, these will have to be evaluated at a further date.

The Home Whites and Road Blues

I wrote this last season and it remains true: "It’s a simple and classy look. The waistline harkens back to the late 80’s but still looks modern with the Jayhawk prominently displayed in the center. I can’t find anything to dislike about this set. Even the KU logo on the shorts is the right call. Typically, I like the Jayhawk there, but I think that the block KU logo makes this a classic look. KU could probably keep these for a while and you wouldn’t hear the slightest complaint from fans. An instant classic.

2015-16 Grade: A

Chalk and Phog Alternates

These have been a staple for the past few seasons, but KU appears to phasing them out with each only making a handful of appearances this season including none on the road where the Phog jerseys could’ve been worn against Iowa State and Baylor at least. KU opted not to wear them in those occasions and it leads me to believe that a new alternate or two will be unveiled next season. They’re still great looking uniforms, but I can’t wait to see what they break out if these get retired.

2015-16 Grade: B+

"Iced Out" Home Uniform

These are my least favorite of the uniforms that KU wore this season, but they still look pretty good, and they are further proof that if Adidas simplifies things, better results appear on the court. There are no trim colors around the waist, arm holes, or leg holes. It’s a completely clean look with some "ice" features that apparently reflect in the right light. Whatever. The most distinguishable design feature is the fact that the name on the back is outlined in blue but retains the white color. They look sharp, but compared to the rest of the uniforms that KU wears, they are a little weak.

2015-16 Grade: B

"Black History Month" Uniforms

KU broke these bad boys out for one home game and one away game, and if they decide to bring these back as permanent alternates, I’d be more than happy. These are classics. The striping is classic 1950’s KU as are the red numerals and red font.

The blues are awesome as well, but I’m not holding my breath in hopes of seeing these on the court next season. KU has worn some great one off uniforms in the last few years that have looked as good or better than these, and we haven’t seen them since. It’s a shame because these are some of the best looking uniforms in college basketball.

2015-16 Grade: A

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