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2016 NCAA Tournament: Elite 8 Saturday Open Thread

Ducks, Sooners, Jayhawks, and Wildcats, oh my!

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Well folks, we're down to 8.  Only two Big 12 teams remain, and they both take the floor tonight.  Should both Oklahoma and Kansas win, they will face off against each other in the Final Four in Houston, TX.

Use this as a gamethread for the UO-OU game.  Or tell us about the community Easter egg hunt you took your kids to today.  Or maybe you have a really cool pregame ritual that's not too embarrassing that you'd like to share with the group.  We're here to help and to offer emotional support in the nervous hours leading up to the games.

Matchup Time TV Live Stream Announcers
(1) Oregon Ducks vs. (2) Oklahoma Sooners 5:09pm CT CBS & March Madness Live app Verne Lundquist / Jim Spanarkel // Allie LaForce
(1) Kansas Jayhawks vs. (2) Villanova Wildcats 7:49pm CT CBS & March Madness Live app Jim Nantz / Grant Hill / Bill Raftery // Tracy Wolfson