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David talks to Jesse Newell in Episode 2 of Sports Done Smart

Jesse Newell was kind enough to talk to me about his use of stats in his writing, and about how they are and aren't used by Bill Self and Kansas basketball

Everyone who visits Rock Chalk Talk with regularity is familiar with Jesse Newell. He's been a KU beat reporter for the Lawrence Journal-World, the Topeka Capitol Journal, and now the Kansas City Star. The Associated Press Sports Editors named him Beat Reporter of the Year in 2014, and he happens to stop by RCT every now and then as well.

Newell was kind enough to chat with me as part of my "Sports Done Smart" series about his use of advanced stats in his writing, and how it came about. We also talked about the generally positive feedback he's received on it, and, of course, talked a lot about Kansas basketball as well. Our discussion specifically delves into Bill Self's adaptation to his roster, his use (or perhaps, lack thereof) of advanced stats in Self's game plans, and the perils of criticizing elements of the job done by someone who clearly knows more about what he's doing than we do.

It was a really informative conversation for me, and I hope you'll find it entertaining as well. As always, my cats do make an appearance on my couch in the background, which apparently is just going to become my "thing." I'm actively working on learning to turn these and RCT's other broadcasts into podcast form to make them easier to ingest, but this is another Youtube video. However, feel free to leave it on in the background and just listen, as the video doesn't necessarily add anything to the content. As always, enjoy!

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