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NCAA Tournament Pick 'Em

Are you worthy of our fantastic prize?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Care to test your mettle bracket picking skills luck against the RCT crew and the rest of Jayhawk Nation? Join our Tourney Pick'Em group over on Yahoo Sports!

How do you join, you ask?

To enter the contest, you must be a registered member of Rock Chalk Talk (it's free, scroll to the bottom of the page if you're not a member) AND you must have a working Yahoo account (again, free).

1. Head over to this page on Yahoo's site.

2. Click the "Join a Private Pool" button.

3. Enter the Pool ID (162966 or Rock Chalk Talk) and password (rockchalktalk) of our group.

4. Join our pool.

5. Make your picks!

6. Win a fantastic prize!

To win the grand prize, you have to agree to the official SB Nation rules found here:   2016 RCT Bracket Contest Revised

Other Rules (IMPORTANT!)

1. Please refrain yourself and submit only one bracket.

2. Make sure I can tell who you are.  Ideally your bracket name will be your RCT username.

You probably have a Yahoo account somewhere, but if not, it's no biggie to sign up for a Yahoo account in order to join.

There's no prize for second or third place, but the winner will receive two RCT t-shirts of their choosing!  Will you go his and hers?  Yours and yours?  Maybe birthday presents for mom and dad?  The possibilities are endless!  (Ok, not really, it's only two shirts.)

Make sure your picks are in before the games tip on Thursday morning!

Forward to your friends, Re-tweet, Come one, Come all, and Good luck!