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The RCT Show: Episode 4. Big 12 Tournament, Coaching changes and previewing the brackets

Mike, Fetch, Grad and David get together to discuss the results of the Big 12 tournament, and what to expect in the Big Dance

For the second consecutive week, a new face joined the RCT Show as Grad shocked the world with his presence (and his dog). Grad joined Mike, Fetch and myself in talking about the Big 12 Tournament over the weekend, the coaching changes on the horizon for two Big 12 teams, and the upcoming NCAA Tournament.

We managed to touch on Wichita State's inclusion without anyone throwing their laptop, so that was good progress. Mikeville unveiled a new background poster, and Grad, not surprisingly, broadcast from in front of his bar. We all gave our Final Four picks (except Fetch, who refused on principle to pick the South, but then kinda sorta picked KU to win it all). Despite the chaos in the field this year, there was a fair amount of consensus among the group as to who had the best shot to come out of each region. Also, Fetch's phone died again.

Another quick note: we're still trying to get Andy onto a broadcast. Misterbrain's internet connection doesn't seem to like this format, and it was causing audio problems, so he graciously bowed out for the sake of the broadcast. He's a true team player and we're going to get him on a show one of these days. Now, watch as we talk a lot of nonsense on episode four of The RCT Show

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