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David talks with John Gasaway about Bill Self, Three Pointers and More

I got an opportunity to discuss a variety of topics with ESPN's own John Gasaway. We talked a variety of topics, both relating to Kansas and college basketball in general.

This morning I was able to speak with ESPN's own John Gasaway as part of series I'm starting for my other site called Sports Done Smart. The idea behind the series is to discuss various topics in sports with people who examine them from a different perspective than the usual talk radio-style fodder we're usually inundated with.

We talked about a number of topics, but focused mostly on Bill Self and his use of the three pointer, as I initially brought up in this article, which was really just a defense against some of the accusations in another article. We went in depth on the true value of the three point shot, Self's historical use of it, Self's current use of it, and whether it is in fact the key to a successful offense (we both seem to agree that it's not, unless you make a bunch of them). We move on to discuss Wichita State, how to rate mid-major teams, and the impacts of this year's rule changes on the game. Gasaway could not have been nicer and more accommodating, and I'd encourage you to check out his work at as well. Click the link below and enjoy!

Sports Done Smart: Episode One with John Gasaway

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