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NCAA Tournament Bracket: Kansas Jayhawks get #1 Overall Seed

Jayhawks get Austin Peay in the First Round.

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Kansas is the #1 seed in the South Region and the top overall seed of the NCAA Tournament.  Here is how the region breaks down:

1 Kansas vs 16 Austin Peay

8 Colorado vs 9 Connecticut

5 Maryland vs 12 South Dakota State

4 California vs 13 Hawaii


6 Arizona vs 11 Vanderbilt / Wichita State

3 Miami FL vs 14 Buffalo

7 Iowa vs 10 Temple

2 Villanova vs 15 UNC Asheville

Quick Thoughts

Austin Peay shouldn't be an issue for the Jayhawks.  Someday, a 16 will beat a 1, but it won't be in this year's South Region.  The Governors finished 8th in the Ohio Valley Conference, winning four games in a row in their conference tournament to claim the OVC bid.  They come in to the tournament at 18-17, 7-9.

I didn't want to see two mid-majors on the 8/9 line for what I'm sure are obvious reasons.  So I got that wish.  However, when the 9-seed was revealed, I said, "What the F#&K" very much out loud.  Upon a quick closer inspection, however, UConn has only one Top-25 win on the season (two if you want to count Texas who wasn't ranked at the time).

I'm not really too worried if Colorado wins their first game.  Kansas has no excuses for not making the Sweet 16 regardless of who the matchup with in the Second Round.

Looking farther down the regional, some of the "experts" think that Cal and Maryland are the most talented teams in the Region.  Maybe so, but only one of them can advance to the Sweet 16 and a potential date with Kansas.  Cal has a tougher-than-it-looks matchup with Hawaii to boot.

On the other side of the bracket, I could honestly see any of the lower seeds advancing to the Elite 8.  None of Villanova, Miami, Iowa, or Arizona particularly impress me when you match them up against the Jayhawks.  However, Utoff at Iowa has the ability to shoot his team quite deep into the tournament.

The 6/11 matchup could be a popular upset pick as well, regardless of whether its Vandy or WSU that advances out of Dayton.

I don't think this region is the murderer's row that we've seen in the past.  Most likely Kansas won't sail to the Final Four, but they certainly look to have an easier path than teams in the other regions.  If KU keeps playing the way they have been since February 1, it will be a fun three weeks for Jayhawks everywhere.