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March Madness: Saturday Open Thread

Join fellow Jayhawk fans to discuss all the action today NOT involving your Kansas basketball team.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Conference tournaments across the country are starting to wrap up.  Not only does the Big 12 Tournament have its final today, so does the Big East, ACC, and Pac-12.  There are also many small conference tournament wrapping up today, with tons of automatic bids on the line.

The SEC and Big 10 have their semifinals today, and all the action kicks off at Noon (Jayhawk time):

LSU vs Texas A&M, Noon

Michigan vs Purdue, Noon

Georgia vs Kentucky, 2:00 PM

Maryland vs Michigan State, 2:30 PM

Georgia is probably the only one of the above mentioned teams playing today that isn't guaranteed a spot in the NCAA Tournament yet.  Other high-major action includes:

Seton Hall vs Villanova (Big East), 4:30 PM

Virginia vs North Carolina (ACC), 8:00 PM

Utah vs Oregon (Pac-12), 9:00 PM

Anyway, it should be yet another great day of basketball, as March Madness is just getting warmed up.  Don't believe me?  Maybe you didn't see what happened in Kansas City last night.  Or perhaps you missed the UConn-Cincinatti finish.

Don't be that guy today.  And don't forget to check in on the little guys, too.  If you're following Vermont or San Diego State or Hawaii and see a good finish coming up, let us know!