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The All-Big 12 Team Blindfold Test Results

The votes are in, and RCT has spoken...though they don't know for whom

Sorry for the delay in the big reveal, but it's time to announce the results of the All-Big 12 team blindfold test. Earlier this week, 138 of you turned in your vote for up to five players who you felt were deserving of an All-Big 12 team nod based on statistics only - no names. Before I give you the results, I'll first give you the same charts I attached Tuesday, but with the names included.


As you can see, a couple of bigger names were left off. I had every intention of including Devin Williams, and easily could have over, say Cousins or Iwundu, but I didn't feel he would get many votes based on some of his numbers. Basically, any of his numbers other than rebounding and free throw rate. If you look at his rate stats, he's a high-usage big man who doesn't block shots, and his shooting numbers are horrendous. If you look at his per game stats, he barely scored over 10 per game and shot poorly. The only thing that would have been appealing was his rebounding, and based on the fact that the most well-rounded players got the most votes, I feel confident in saying he wouldn't have had a chance.

You'll notice Wayne Selden is also absent. This because Devonte Graham was either roughly equal to or better than him in just about every category. Selden over Graham simply didn't make sense, and I didn't want to overload this with Kansas players, so guys like Spangler, Iwundu and Cousins were included over him.

Now, for the big reveal. Your RCT Blindfold All-Big 12 team:

G Buddy Hield (92% of voters)
F Perry Ellis (88%)
F Georges Niang (81%)
G Monte Morris (79%)
G Jaysean Paige (39%)

You can see that there was massive consensus among the three unanimous picks on the actual team (Hield, Ellis, Niang), but Monte Morris, who didn't even make the official All-Big 12 team, was right there with them. That could be due to the fact that none of these stats can effectively measure defense, and the Big 12 voters likely recognized that Morris doesn't play it particularly well, which you can't really tell based on these charts. Some of these numbers would have been higher, but a few people clearly weren't taking the vote seriously, and multiple people picked only one player. I didn't throw any results out, so the percentages you see are the exact percentage of voters who picked them.

The other surprise for me was the dogfight that emerged for the fifth spot. Jaysean Paige won by two votes over Ryan Spangler and Taurean Prince, who were only one vote ahead of Devonte Graham. The players who were never in contention were Cousins, Iwundu and Mason. Isaiah Taylor wasn't at the bottom with those three, but never pushed for the top 5.

So now that you know how both you and RCT overall voted, what are your thoughts? Any surprises? Should anyone have been higher? Lower? As always, discuss in the comments. Thanks for voting!