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Big 12 Tournament: Kansas vs Kansas State Predictions

Who moves on to the semi-finals?

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Big 12 Tournament time is here. Today, Kansas starts the bid to add some more hardware to the trophy case and lock up the number 1 seed overall in the NCAA tournament. Can they start that off right?

David: Given what I went through to get tickets to this, we damn well better not lose to Kansas State. Fortunately, they won't. Kansas is better than Kansas State. Kansas 72, Kansas State 63

dnoll5 This one is going to be a blowout.  I’m hoping for about two or three overtimes in the early game not because it would help KU (it certainly would), but rather so I can get home in time to watch most of/all of the destruction that KU is going to hand K-State. There will be an Evan Manning on-court sighting in this one.KU 88, K-State 68

mikeville: What dnoll said.  There’s no reason that a fully healthy, fully rested Kansas squad shouldn’t blow up K-State early and coast in this one.  Sure, stranger things have happened, but I just don’t think it’s something you can predict. Kansas 85, K-State 65

Winmore: Get ready for another one of those awkward, squeaky voiced Bruce Weber post game conferences in which the Wildcat coach claims, "We feel like we beat them everywhere but on the scoreboard…" You know, the only place it matters. Kansas 104, Kansas State 77

fizzle406: I hate playing teams 3 times in one season but I suppose K-state is a good team to be playing 3 times in one season. I think Kansas wins but it might not be pretty Kansas 72, Kansas State 64

KU Grad 08: We have absolutely nothing to play for and traditionally play like crap in the quarterfinals of this tournament. I’ll be the negative nancy. Kansas State 69, Kansas 68

misterbrain: I’m expecting lots of highlights for David to tape, and plenty of in-game reactions that will entertain people on the YouTube channel for days to come.  Kansas is going to win big in this one, and Kansas State is still likely headed to the NIT this year.  Today’s loss will give them plenty of time to prepare. Kansas 95, Kansas State 71