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KU Predictions: at TCU

A few of us were able to get together at the last second to make some predictions.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas finally has another winning streak going, and they go on the road to try and extend it and stay in the Big 12 race. Can they keep TCU from getting their first huge victory in their new building?  The crew weighs in:

misterbrain: Yes the Big 12 is tough this year, and yes Kansas always seems to have trouble with TCU, but there is no reason that Kansas shouldn't win this game.  Wayne Selden has another big game, Frank Mason gets a chance to rest a bit (but still plays 25 minutes) and the Jayhawks get an important road victory. Well, that's how it should go, but instead we'll see a defensive game that Kansas eeks out with a late run. Kansas 68, TCU 66.

fizzle406: Has Kansas ever looked good in this game? With the recent road woes, I'm not all that confident. They should win this game but I don't think they will.  TCU 69, Kansas 65.

David: I'm slightly more confident than the guys above. I do think that Kansas will get pulled into a bit of a defensive battle, and that it won't be the blowout we'd hope for, but I think KU will gain some separation in the second half and win somewhat comfortably after some big shots start to fall. Kansas 73, TCU 64

mikeville: It pains me to say it, but TCU is still the worst team in the Big 12.  There's no reason to expect a loss here, but we all know it can happen.  Hell, we saw it happen three years ago.  Even though the Frogs have struggled, they've still knocked off a few teams at home, so Kansas needs to come ready to play.  Bill Self did one of two things after the K-State game; he either got his guys' attention, or he completely lost this team.  Let's hope it's the former.  Kansas 77, TCU 65.