RCT Super Bowl 50 Prop Bet Competition

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The Super Bowl is tomorrow! Yay! But what's a Super Bowl without prop bets? Below are 22 of the hundreds of available prop bets. If you're so inclined, take some time and place your bets in the comments.

The deadline for comments is 5 PM Central Time on Sunday, February 7. I cannot legally offer a prize for the winner, but, there may be a prize for the winner.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

1. Over/Under 2:20 for Lady Gaga's National Anthem

a. Over

b. Under

2. Coin Toss

a. Heads

b. Tails

3. First Score of the game

a. Broncos Touchdown

b. Broncos Field Goal

c. Panthers Touchdown

d. Panthers Field Goal

e. Other

4. Beyonce's Footwear Color

a. Gold

b. Silver

c. Black

d. Other

5. Cold Play's first song

a. Clocks

b. Viva la Vida

c. Fix You

d. A Sky Full of Stars

e. Speed of Sound

f. Head Full of Dreams

g. Adventure of a Lifetime

h. Paradise

i. Other

6. MVP

a. Cam Newton

b. Peyton Manning

c. Demayrius Thomas

d. CJ Anderson

e. Greg Olsen

f. Jonathan Stewart

g. Luke Kuechely

h. Jared Allen

i. Aqib Talib

j. Chris Harris

k. Demarcus Ware

l. Devin Funchess

m. Emmanuel Sanders

n. Ted Ginn

o. Von Miller

p. Josh Norman

q. Other

7. Peyton Manning Rushing Yards over/under .5 yards

a. Over

b. Under

8. Cam Newton Rushing Yards over/under 37.5

a. Over

b. Under

9. Longest Field Goal Over/Under 45 yards

a. Over

b. Under

10. Will the Golden Gate Bridge be show during the broadcast after the game starts?

a. Yes

b. No

11. What color will the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach be?

a. Orange

b. Blue

c. Yellow

d. Clear

e. Red

f. Green

g. Purple

12. Will anyone other than Peyton Manning and Cam Newton take a snap during the game?

a. Yes

b. No

13. Over Under 1.5 Coaches Challenges (only when coach throws red flag- excludes booth reviews and scoring/turnover reviews)?

a. Over

b. Under

14. Over/Under 5 total sacks (both teams)

a. Over

b. Under

15. Will there be a missed Field Goal or Extra Point?

a. Yes

b. No

16. Largest Lead by either team at any point during the game. Over/Under 13.5

a. Over

b. Under

17. Jersey number of player that scores the first touchdown. Over/Under 22.5

a. Over

b. Under

18. Will there be a Defensive or Special Teams touchdown?

a. Yes

b. No

19. Opening Kickoff Result

a. Touchback

b. Return

c. Out of Bounds

d. Onside

20. Jim Nantz's tie color

a. Black

b. Blue

c. Striped

d. Other

21. Is there an explanation of "DABing" during the game?

a. Yes

b. NO

22. Over/Under 3.5 times we see Archi and/or Eli Manning

a. Over

b. Under


Tiebreaker: Total points scored by both teams (Price is Right rules).

Tiebreaker #2 (if necessary): Total rushing yards by both teams (Price is Right rules, ESPN boxscore).

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