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Jayhawks Spay More Wildcats, 77-59

The Sunflower beatdown resumed in Lawrence on Wednesday night.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Jayhawks didn't exactly come to play tonight, falling behind early 16-7 to the visiting Wildcats.  KU made a run at them and closed to a 20-20 tie with 7:42 to play in the first half.  The teams would go back and forth until KU closed the half with a 14-3 over the final 2:56, a stretch that included a four-point play by Brannen Greene right before the buzzer.

The Wildcats regrouped at halftime and closed to with 45-43 by the 13:40 mark.  Something clicked at that point, however, and the Jayhawks outscored the visitors 32-16 the rest of the way - and it didn't even appear to be that competitive.

Final score: Kansas 77, Kansas State 59


Perry Ellis led all scorers with 19 points on 8/11 shooting.

Graham (10) and Svi (10) were the other Jayhawks scoring in double figures.

Mason, Graham, and Svi each had 4 assists, however, they also combined for 5 turnovers.

Kansas was killed on the boards, getting outrebounded 36-21.  Lucas led the Jayhawks with 6 boards.

As a team, Kansas hit 7/18 (38.9%) from behind the arc.

Basically, everyone sucked on 3s except for Perry, who was 3/3.

K-State was 5/18 (27.8%) from behind the arc.

Kansas went 16/22 (72.7%) from the free throw line.

K-State was 10/16 (62.5%) from the line.

There was no court-storming.


No, KU didn't play the same team two games in a row, even though the duplicate mascot could make you think that.

Why is this team allergic to dunking?

I mean, Perry had a couple, including a really emphatic one.

But criminy.  Looking at you, Landen.

And you, Brannen.  Even though you had one at the end (Lol).

I was not impressed with K-State.  Like, at all.  How did we not beat that team by 40?

Bruce Weber continually looks confused - I'm actually talking in general terms, but particularly in Allen Fieldhouse.

I'm sure the refs were in our corner and it was a #Conspiracy that K-State got called for 11 more fouls and KU shot six more free throws.

Couldn't possibly be because KU is more athletic and quicker and K-State players couldn't stay in front of their man and play defense without fouling.  I mean, that's just crazy talk.

I dunno... I'm still not convinced that KU is "back."

Whatever that means.

Up Next

The Jayhawks will hit the road to take on TCU in Fort Worth, TX, on Saturday, February 6.  The game is scheduled for an 11 AM tip (Jayhawk time) and will be televised on ESPN.