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Kansas-Texas Predictions

The crew gets together to decide how much it really doesn't matter how the game tonight goes...

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas clinched a share, and tonight could give them the outright title.  In a conference as difficult as this one, you can’t take any victory for granted, but it would be quite an accomplishment to win the conference outright.  Will Kansas get it done tonight, or will they need to wait a few more days?  The crew weighs in below.

David: It's hard to be ready for a tough road game two days after you cut down the nets and get declared a champion. Texas has been playing great basketball, and they were able to challenge Kansas in Lawrence. Some sluggishness is probably to be expected since this game won't really move the needle at all in terms of where Kansas is seeded or sent for the first weekend of the tournament. I think they'll drop the game and you'll hear a collective "meh" from Kansas fans. Texas 72, Kansas 68

Winmore: I was ready to circle this game as Kansas’ final regular season loss. Historically, Texas has fared pretty well against Kansas down in Austin since the Big 12’s inception. However, since Texas will be coming off a win against Oklahoma I anticipate a let down game here for the Horns. When Kansas got out front by nearly 20 points against Texas Tech, the Jayhawks seemed to take a visible sigh of relief like, "Okay, we’ve got the 12th title," and relaxed more so than Kansas played poorly. I think with a settled starting lineup now Self’s team will shred Shaka’s press, and Wayne is due for a big night again. Kansas 77, Texas 70

KU Grad 08: This is a tough one. Hard to gauge where the team’s head will be at after locking up number 12, plus Texas is a good team playing well. It is hard for me to pick against KU given how well we are playing, but I think we may hit a Longhorn team that gets hot from outside and won’t be able to quite catch up. Texas 78, Kansas 73

brendandzwierzynski: I can definitely understand the school of thought that KU may hit a wall after Saturday’s big win, especially since Texas will bring their A-game at home against them. But I think the Jayhawks are playing much too well to have a game like that. The team is playing cohesively and has been as consistent as we’ve seen them in a long time. Jayhawks win this title outright and that’s finalized in Austin. Kansas 79, Texas 71

fizzle406: Kansas has a big celebration on Saturday and then travels to Austin on short rest to play a pretty meaningless game. I don’t think they win and that’s ok. Although, I don’t like seeing Smart having a 2-1 lead over Coach Self. Texas 79, Kansas 68

dnoll5 Let’s harken back to 2011 when the world first started to think of Shaka Smart as a genius.  In that game against Kansas, Smart had two players that shot 4 of 7 from three (57%) when their season averages were 41% and 39%.  I bet if two Kansas players shoot 4 of 7 from three tonight, KU will win easily.  And certainly if guys like Wayne Selden (41% on the year) and Brannen Green (54% on the year) hit at an 11% higher clip than their averages tonight, KU will win in a landslide.  Now, I’m not saying that’s going to happen, but if it does, most people aren’t going to think that Bill Self is more of a genius today than he was yesterday, or in 2011 for that matter.  But I digress, and I think KU will win. Kansas 77, Texas 75

mikeville: Argh.  I don’t know what to make of this game.  Yeah Kansas will be coming down off a high, but then again, so will Texas.  You end a game against your biggest rival on a 22-0 run, and that kind of begs for a letdown.  I mean, right?  UT played KU tough up in Allen Fieldhouse a few weeks ago, and they certainly have the ability to knock off the Jayhawks.  But these Jayhawks don’t like to lose, regardless of whether or not the conference title is wrapped up. Kansas 75, Texas 70

misterbrain: I noted in the podcast that I’m expecting Kansas to come out a bit flat compared to Texas.  Texas is looking to improve their seed, Kansas is the only team they haven’t beaten, and Shaka Smart fit right in when he joined the conference and started talking trash on the Jayhawks.  Unfortunately, the quick turnaround after the high of clinching the share has me worried about this game, but since this game doesn’t necessarily matter to Kansas and their seed, I’m not going to be too broken up if we don’t win. Texas 78, Kansas 74.