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The RCT Show, Episode 2. The Big 12 title streak, Texas, the tournament and more

Fetch, Fizzle and David discuss the streak and various other topics

Episode 2 of The RCT Show is now a thing. Initially, it was going to be a four-man effort, but technical difficulties once again kept misterbrain off the broadcast. I promise we'll get him on there soon, for all you brain fans out there clamoring for more.

This week, Fetch, Fizzle andIi discuss a variety of topics, including the title streak (of course), Texas' resurgence, Shaka Smart, the Big 12 tournament, Frank Mason and March expectations for the conference.

I apologize in advance for some of the video quality and technical issues. The video does occasionally lag or cut out, and again, misterbrain was only with us for one question before connection demons possessed his computer and transported it to the Nether. However, the audio feed should be fine, so as always feel free start the video and simply listen as though it were a podcast.

If you have questions or comments, or would like to be involved in any future recordings, drop me an email at, or on Twitter @bl_analytics