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Kansas - Texas Preview with Burnt Orange Nation

We recorded a podcast with our SB Nation sister-site Burnt Orange Nation previewing the Kansas-Texas game in Austin tonight.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another edition of Across the Court on Air.  This time, we caught up Peter Bean over at Burnt Orange Nation, one of two sites that covers the Texas Longhorns.  Unfortunately, we ran into some technical difficulties so we were only able to get audio put together for today, and apparently there are some spots where my audio is pretty choppy.  It’s sporadic, but doesn’t really last very long, so please bear with us.

AtC on Air: Texas

There is some really good discussion surrounding this game and the conference as a whole. Also, I noticed that he called me Brian a couple of times.  That has to do with a miscommunication and you shouldn’t hold it against him.  (Besides, how do you know I don’t have an alter-ego named Brian?).  But regardless, a big thanks to Peter for working through a few technical difficulties and helping to put together a good podcast for us for tonight’s game